A school football coach’s wife who slept with one of his underage players is being sued by the boy for more than £1.5million. Kelsey McCarter, 28, is already serving three years in prison after admitting seven sex charges, including six of rape. She had intercourse and oral sex with the student in her home and car while he was staying with her and her husband Justin in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Now the teen is suing McCarter, her husband Justin and Knox County Board of Education for at least two million dollars (£1.56million), because of the emotional pain caused by the abuse.

The lawsuit states that the coach’s wife repeatedly sexually abused him for six months while he lived with the couple.

His mum said: “I feel they betrayed me, I’m shocked. “My son denied it for a little while, he was afraid he would get in trouble.”

She added: “But he said she came onto him, he was always the victim in this.”

The abuse started shortly before his 15th birthday, when Mrs McCarter performed oral sex on him in his room while her husband was outside washing his car in July 2015, the court filing says.

It alleges that he was kicked off the football team because his coach was upset that “sexual contact” had occurred between his wife and the underage boy.

School officials also allegedly failed to immediately alert the Department of Children’s Services about a Nood photograph Mrs McCarter sent the boy.

On one occasion, the 28-year-old abused him when she was driving him to his mum’s house, while another time she is alleged to have only stopped because she heard her husband coming home.

The teen and his older brother moved in with the couple in 2014, as football coach Justin McCarter thought he would be a role model for them.

However, he ordered the boy to leave when he suspected his wife was having sex with him – before letting him move back in, say the court papers.

Mrs McCarter was jailed last autumn following her guilty plea ahead of her trial.

The registered sex offender could have faced 38 years behind bars if the case had gone against her, said her lawyer Doug Trant.

Her husband resigned as an assistant coach at South-Doyle High School’s Cherokees team following the scandal.



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