Plus-Size South-African Model, Lala Tshabala Blasted For Flaunting Her Curvisious Body

Plus-size South-African model, Lala Tshabala was bold enough to share a scantily-clad photo without photoshopping the cellulite on her thighs out of it.

The curvy queen has been inspiring a greater sense of style for curvy women all over Africa for a while now.

The photo has received so many accolades and criticism.  Praised by some people for being confident and real, but attacked by a majority of people and body-shamed for her weight and cellulite.

Lala took to Twitter to post the original photo and an edited version of the same photo. She said people are mad and uncomfortable because they didn’t expect her to post her cellulite body on social media, unedited.

Lala Tshabalala

They mad and uncomfortable because instead of posting the pic on the left we choose the pic on the right! We touched like give me back my cellulite!

See reactions of some fans below.

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