Paul Allen set to prepare the plane for launching space rockets

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Paul Allen; the billionaire and co founder of Microsoft is among the people who are currently involved in what is called “Billionaire Space Race”. While there are many in his so called race, he has just released an interesting piece of information that has placed up ahead of many.

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The news is “Stratolaunch Mobile Launch Platform” which is going to be the world’s first biggest plane ever. The aircraft is going to allow the rockets to have a head start into space by being launched straight from air. The Chief Executive Officer for the Stratolaunch Systems Corp Company is Jean Floyd quote the news of these new launch vehicles in following words.

“We are pretty excited to announce the news and details of our new proprietary Stratolaunch vehicles. These vehicles are going to allow the rockets to have a flexible launch capability unlikely of anything ever seen. No matter what is the payload or whatever is its orbit, soon the launching of the satellite into space is just going to be as easy as booking a flight.”

According to NBC report; the exact specs details for these Stratolaunch vehicles has not be released but the wingspan of the single vehicle can be about the same size as a football field. The plane is to keep the rockets under the wings of the plane and they will be launched from a height of 35000 feet.

The Stratolaunch airplanes are going to be the first of their kind but certainly are not going to be the only one of their kind. The air launching has been the domain of a Northrop Grumman who recently launched a 55 feet long aircraft named Pegasus from a jumbo jet built specifically for this purpose.

The aim for Stratolaunch Systems is the same to launch the Pegasus aircraft by 2020 from their mobile platforms. The goal further is to launch larger and high capacity launch vehicles will be followed on from 2020.

The launch of a rocket from air has its own advantages like flexibility and mobility. According to Stratolaunch, this is also going to reduce the cost and the hassle for pace launches. In their words, the space launches will be as easy as booking a flight.

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