#Osun Decides 2018:Here’s the result of ward by ward

LifestyleblogtvThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) began the announcement of the Saturday governorship election in Osun State late in the night in each of the 30 local government areas in the state.

INEC, however, announced that final collation of results will be done on Sunday at the state headquarters in Osogbo.

Thus far, below are results already announced at the council collation centres:

Ede South LGA: PDP : 16,693 APC: 4,512 ADP : 357 SDP: 855.

Total Valid Votes: 23,136

Total Rejected Votes: 1,605

Total Votes Cast: 24,741

Number Of Registered Voters: 46,887

Number of Accredited Voters: 24,888

At Boripe LGA, in the results announced by the returning officer, Professor Afolabi Atanda, APC Candidate, Gboyega Oyetola won the council.

APC : 11, 655 PDP: 6, 892 ADC: 137 ADP :1137 SDP: 2730

Total Registered Voters:57, 397 Accredited: 25, 045

Orolu LGA: ADC: 79 ADP: 388 APC: 5442 PDP: 7776 SDP:2043 Total Number of Registered Voters: 31,904 Total Number of of Accredited Voters: 17,485

Total valid votes:16,157

Total rejected votes: 1,260

Total votes count: 17,417

Ilesha West LGA: PDP: 8286 APC: 7251 SDP: 2408 ADP: 2363 ADC: 127

Total valid votes: 21,220

Total rejected votes: 1,861

Total votes cast: 23,081

Total registered voters: 60,600

Total accredited voters: 32,569

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