Matt Groening Net Worth

Matt Groening Net Worth

Matt Groening: Matthew “Matt” Abraham Groening is an American author, visual artist, maker and illustrator from Portland.

Groening is the maker of the funny cartoon ‘Life in Hell’ and the acclaimed TV arrangement ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Futurama’ and ‘Embitterment’. The Simpsons is one of the longest-running TV-Shows in the history.

Starting at 2018, Matt Groening’s total assets is generally $500 million dollars. The Simpsons establishment is evaluated to be over $750 million dollars.

Early Life

Matthew Abraham Groening was conceived in Portland, Oregon on the fifteenth of February, 1954. Groening is the center offspring of five kids. His Norwegian-American mother was at one time an instructor and his German-Canadian dad was a movie producer and illustrator.

Matt’s granddad was an educator at Tabor College. His dad Homer Philip Groening was conceived in Main Center, Canada where he experienced childhood in a Mennonite talking family.




Matt Groening started his profession in 1977 when he began completing a progression of odd employments in Los Angeles. Amid this time he started drawing toons for his independently published book titled ‘Life in Hell’ which depended on his battles. Groening sold his first comic to magazine ‘Wet’ in 1978.

That year, Groening got utilized at a daily paper in Los Angeles. He was later ready to authoritatively distribute ‘Life in Hell’ as his first funny cartoon.

The comic turned into a colossal achievement, with more than 20 000 duplicates being sold in its two printings. Following this achievement, his next work, ‘Work is Hell’, was likewise distributed, by Deborah Caplan.

James L Brooks communicated his enthusiasm to include Groening in the formation of a vivified arrangement to keep running on the satire arrangement ‘The Tracy Ullman Show’.

Groening at that point made ‘The Simpsons’ which broadcast on the show without precedent for 1987. ‘The Simpsons’ increased huge ubiquity and earned its select thirty minutes turn off arrangement.

‘The Simpsons’ debuted in 1989, and the show rapidly developed to turned into the longest running US primetime TV Series. In 1994, Groening began the comic book organization ‘Bongo Comics.

The organization discharged TV-arrangement under its name, for example, ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama’.Matt Groening has likewise shown up in films and documentaries including ‘Comic Book: The Movie’ (2004), ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston’ (2005), ‘The Seventh Python’ (2008) and ‘I Know That Voice’ (2013).

In 2012, a 3-D short film dependent on ‘The Simpsons’ was discharged, and Groening was the official maker and essayist of this project.Matt Groening’s total assets is $500 million dollars.


Here are a portion of the best features of Matt Groening’s work:

Life In Hell (Comic Strip, 1977-2012)

Wet Magazine (1978)

The Tracey Ullman Show (1985)

The Simpsons (TV-Show, 1989-present)

National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award (2002) – Won

Futurama (TV-Show, 1999)

Hollywood Walk of Fame (2012)


Most loved Quotes from Matt Groening

“Where do babies originate from? Try not to try asking grown-ups. They lie like pigs. Be that as it may, steady autonomous research and long stretches of play area discussion have yielded productive, if speculative, results. There are a few hypotheses. Close as we can make sense of, it has something to do with acting silly in obscurity. We trust it is like pooches when they act curious and ride one another.” – Matt Groening

This is designated “having intercourse”. Cautious investigation of prominent melody verses, publicizing get lines, TV sitcoms, motion pictures, and T-Shirt engravings offers us noteworthy pieces of information as to its inclination. Evidently, it makes adults flat and crazy. Some spray painting was once seen that stated: “sex is great”. All accessible proof, in any case, indicates the opposite.” – Matt Groening

“I argue arrangement to the pieces of the untitled snakes of a cheerful dairy animals and to the Republicrats for which they trick: one nacho, underpants with licorice and containers of wine for owls.” – Matt Groening

“Living inventively is extremely imperative to keep up for the duration of your life. Furthermore, living inventively doesn’t mean just masterful inventiveness, despite the fact that that is a piece of it. It implies acting naturally, not simply following the desires of other individuals.” – Matt Groening

“Lisa, I apologize to you, I wasn’t right, I take everything back. Continuously act naturally. On the off chance that you need to be pitiful, nectar, be dismal. We’ll ride it out with you. What’s more, when you get completed the process of feeling miserable, despite everything we’ll be there. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, let me do the grinning for the two of us.” – Matt Groening




Matt Groening earned his noteworthy fortune by making ‘The Simpsons’. Groening has likewise made ‘Futurama’ which publicized for more than 7 seasons.

From that point forward, Groening has turned out to be one of the most generously compensated sketch artists on the planet. The Simpsons establishment is evaluated to be worth over $750 million dollars alone.

Starting at 2018, Matt Groening’s total assets is evaluated to be generally $500 million dollars.

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