Jose Mourinho Net Worth

Jose Mourinho net worth: Jose Mourinho is a Portuguese football manager and retired football player who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Jose Mourinho is also the manager of Chelsea, a football team out of London. Mourinho was born in 1963 in Portugal to a large family. His father was a professional football player, which let him to also pursue the career. Though his mother enrolled him in business school, Mourinho quit on the first day in order to pursue sports.

Today he is widely known for his unique approach to football, which includes mixing both coaching theory and motivational techniques. Mourinho also worked as a school coach, but left in order to find footing in the professional sector. Since, he has worked with a number of teams and is well known for his fundamentals and ability to positively encourage players.

He’s also known for his unique style and “quirky” comments that he makes to the press. As well as a vibrant personality. He has been married to Matilde “Tami” Faria since 1989. Their son, Jose is also a football player. The couple has multiple other children, and Mourinho has regularly expressed that his family is the most important aspect of his life.



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