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Heart Surgeons / Two Lives One Heart – 
Thoracic Surgery / Two Lives One Heart / 흉부 외과 / Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Genre: Doctor 
Number of episodes: 
Producer episode : 
Director: Jo Young Gwang 
Written by: Choi Soo Jin 
Station broadcasted: SBS 
broadcasted on: October 2018 
Korean broadcast time: Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 pm (Thai time) 

Park Takeshi (played by Ko Soo) is a physician assistant professor of thoracic surgery. 
He devoted himself to working and helping his team to become a private individual, while his mother was waiting for a heart transplant 
. Schweissan (played by Ong Jae Joon), a professor in the department of thoracic surgery. Very famous Both skilled and recognized. But with the institution he ended it was not famous. It made him accept what he should have 
Yoon Soo Yeon (played by Seo Ji Hye) is a physician in the Department of Thoracic denizen action. I’ve been through death experiences for a while. She takes the opportunity to come back to life as a doctor. 
During Mom’s pajama suits waiting for heart transplant surgery. His mother’s life is hanging on the yarn. But because of moral barriers. What will Soyeon do and will it help the mother of Park 
Jae Su? Cr.machiseo

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