Football legend David Beckham

Football legend, David Beckham is reportedly in secret talks to be the first footballer in the World to travel to SPACE’

According to The Sun UK, the former British footballer, 43, has been ‘mulling it over for some time’ and it’s looking like it could happen now that ‘space travel is becoming a more realistic prospect’.

The publication also claimed that the father-of-four apparently even wants to ‘kick a ball’ while he’s up in the ‘celestial heavens’.

A source told the newspaper: ‘It’s something that David has talked about for quite a while. It has been mooted in the past but now space travel is becoming a more realistic prospect it could be a reality.’

The insider also added that David’s children Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 13 and Harper, seven, are all said to be beside themselves over the prospect, and ‘have been talking about it and think it would be pretty cool’.

The source goes on to admit that David has ‘admitted privately he’s very nervous’ about the prospect of being blasted into the ether.



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