Cristiano Ronaldo,Usain Bolt, Idris Elba-celebrities bringing their restaurants to Britain

Usain Bolt's new restaurantOpening a restaurant is a dream for many but, in practice, is a costly, high-stake investment that can prove ruinous for those without very deep pockets.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising, then, that some of the most daring and exciting restaurants in the UK are being launched by people with fat pay cheques, lucrative sponsorship deals, and public profiles large enough to draw a huge crowd every night. That’s right – celebrities.

From Ryan Gosling to Hugh Jackman, and Jay Z to Bon Jovi, these days it seems most A-listers have links with the industry, and the UK dining scene is no exception, with many a restaurant, bar and pub being funded by famous faces.

The latest among these is Tracks & Records, opening…

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