Bill Gate: Why Helping the Poor is Good While Helping the Wealthy is Evil

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Recently, Bill Gates was on his visit to one of India’s poorest State, Bihar where he was planning to adopt eight villages. The television channels were showing the images the wealthy Bill visiting the poorest part of the world with a desire to donate part of his fortune. There is no doubt that he earned lot of respect from world over for his charitable works. He said after his return to Seattle:
“When I set up Microsoft, I knew I wanted to give away my wealth. But then I was fanatically focused on making good software… I certainly did not know I’d be visiting the Kosi riverbelt in Bihar asking a Musahar woman the names of her seven children,”
Bill Gate was not considered to be a charitable person few years back. There had been numerous cases against him in virtually all countries where he had been accused of monopolizing and engaging in unfair trade practices. The very fact that he had been the richest man in the world for more than a decade itself is a testimony that he accumulated wealth by earning unfair profit on his product.
Yet his new Avatar as a charitable person who cares for the poor has projected him as a nice person who is doing something for the poor.
It is important to understand the Bill never made any money by extortion or by forcing anyone to pay for his software or by adopting any illegal or immoral method. He developed a product and put a price tag for it. People purchased his software, not because they had any intention to help Bill Gate becoming the richest person of the world but because the value of the software was far more than its price. Microsoft has truly changed the use of computers and made half of the world user of computers
by his user friendly version of “windows” which were earlier used only by the scientists and engineers. Thus in a reality he earlier also served the people when he developed Microsoft windows.
The difference lies in getting a monetary value of this service.
When you give anything to a person and charge any material value from it, there is a quid-pro-quo and it is viewed as business. This is no act of goodness in it. However, when a person does something without any material return, he gets the spiritual returns in the form of praise, faith, love, and respect.
Serving the Wealthy
When you serve the poor you get nothing because they have no wealth. So if you become an advocate to poor, you are paid nothing while if you become an advocate to a wealthy man you get the best value for your knowledge. Similarly, if you teach a poor boy, he can pay nothing but respect, while if you teach a rich boy, you can be handsomely awarded.
Thus there seems to be no reason for wasting your services on the poor.
Yet even after you have made lots of money by helping riches, you lack something that money cannot buy. These things can be called spiritual since they are not tangible and material. Without such spiritual fulfillment, a man continues to have a feeling of void in him that keeps on driving him to become good by serving the people who cannot pay.
Bill Gate is one example of such a person who is trying to have a fulfilled life by acquiring spiritual gifts from the poor by giving his material wealth.
The Desire to Be Good
Jesus has rightly explained these strange desires of human beings to be good when he said “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” When you help wealthy, you make rich richer, you are not considered to be good as you make the difference between rich and poor larger. You are viewed as evil who acts against the desire of God to make all human beings equal. However;when you help poor, you reduce the gap and do an act that fulfills the desire of God. You
have to therefore, serve rich only as much as to earn a livelihood and lead a decent life. Your real happiness shall come only by serving the poor.

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