Best Men’s Shirt and Tie Combinations

shirt and tie

Shirt and Tie.Men often find it difficult to choose the right shirt and tie to wear. However, it is not as challenging as it is made out to be, all it takes is that you stick to a few simple rules, and you will soon find that you’re an expert. So whether you want the right mix for the office, or you are looking to stand out from the crowd on a night out, the following shirt and tie combinations will provide you with a selection of mixes to chose from.

Colors Repeated in Each Pattern

In this instance, you should chose the shirt first, and take note of the most dominant colors. When picking your tie, chose one that has accents using the same dominant colors that are in the shirt. For example, a dark brown shirt with light colored nutmeg stripes, would go well with a tie with a pink background and a brown printed pattern, as the pattern is the same color as the shirt.
Graduate Outward Checks
If you want a quirky look, combine a check shirt with a check tie. The rule for this style is to wear a shirt that contains small checks, and a tie with larger checked prints. You should ensure that you pay attention to color and chose a shirt and tie that is within the same color palette.

Vary Weight and Pattern

You should never choose two patterns that are of the same size, this gives a busy and confusing look to your style. Make this look cleaner and easy on the eye by ensuring that one piece has a bigger pattern than the other.
Match Small and Large Patterns
You can come up with many elegant combinations with this rule, even if the pattern on your shirt and tie are completely different. If your shirt contains a small pattern combine it with a tie that has a larger pattern and vice versa. If the shirt is of a neutral color like white, gray, or black, you won’t need to worry about the color of the tie. If the shirt is colored you will need to match the pieces together if you want to avoid the overcrowded look.

Work with Contrasts

A style that really works is to mix light and dark colors together. By doing this you can really make your tie stand out and make an extremely bold fashion statement. For this to work you should chose colors that are on the opposite end of the color wheel such as a light blue shirt with an orange or red tie. Another combination that is quite bold but works very well is violet and yellow; a yellow tie with a blue pattern will enhance this look even further.
You should now have a clear idea of how you can mix and match your shirts and ties in order to create a fashionable and stylish look for any occasion.

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