Beautiful Nigerian couple in smiles as they release doggy pose photo to celebrate their first year wedding anniversary.

Read their story below…

It was our anniversary he always forgot it so that month I kept reminding him constantly about it. Few days to it I reminded him and he said he had forgotten and I was so mad at him forward to May 30th, he said he had errands to do but we were going to go out later and I was looking forward to it….dinner was for 6pm so I was excited coz I just wanted to dress up and look good, on getting to the location I kept looking around hoping that he had a surprise waiting for me but nothing happened.
When we had finished dinner he said one of his real estate clients was coming in to Abuja the following day and he wanted to go and make a reservation in a hotel for him ,I was already so full and tired but I followed him. .
We got to the hotel and I didn’t want to come down from the car coz I was sooooooo full but he pleaded and I followed him,we got to the reception and I saw a mirror and walked towards it,next thing the receptionist came out and we all got in the elevator . Checked the first room and the receptionist kept saying there was another room that was much better,I was so curious to see what made the room better lol. .
We got to the next floor,and he opened the door and I saw a cake,petals,candlelight’s and I was happy that he remembered. So I walked in and looked to my left and saw it boldly ‘MARRY ME’ .
I almost ran out and he was already getting on one knee lol,so the best place I turned to was the restroom but he held on to my hand… I can’t remember what he was saying coz all I was thinking was how God had just given me the best gift I ever wanted,and I said YES,my sister and his sisters were there,it was so beautiful and intimate,sometimes I replay the moment and it brings a beautiful smile on my face.
oh let’s not forget the part were I just couldn’t stop crying,the tears just kept falling down coz my joy couldn’t be contained.. .
I asked God for a good man but he gave me more than a good man,I’ve found my soulmate,my best friend,my mentor(coz he inspires me everyday to be better),I’ve found a man who loves God and his word…looking forward to saying I do.



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