10 Youngest Moms In Hollywood Right Now


Oldest: Kelly Preston – 48

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An actor that has beaten the odds in a number of ways, not only did Kelly Preston become a recognizable star but she also received consistent work over a number of decades. Best known for movies like MischiefTwinsSpellbinderSecret AdmirerJerry MaguireSpaceCamp, and Sky High among others, she also made her big screen return in 2018’s Gotti. Married to the famed actor John Travolta since 1991, they had their first child together in 1992 but suffered a real tragedy when he passed away in 2009. Opting to have another child the following year, they welcomed another son 10 years after they last had a kid when Kelly was 48 years old.

Youngest: Naomi Judd – 18

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Someone that managed to remain near the top of the country music world for an incredibly long time, as one-half of The Judds, Naomi performed on 4 albums that went platinum in America. Far from being the only major release she was a part of, The Judds have also had 14 compilation albums, 3 live ones, and a pair of Christmas recordings. If all of that weren’t impressive enough, and it certainly is, The Judds also won several Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, and Grammy Awards over many years. A country music act made up of Naomi and her eldest daughter Wynonna, she gave birth to her singing partner when she was only 18.

Oldest: Geena Davis – 48

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Someone whose career is a perfect example of how unfair Hollywood can be, after appearing in several stellar films that were hits, a single flop severely hindered Geena Davis’ career. In fairness, Cutthroat Island was such a huge bomb that it was the last movie ever to be released by the once popular Carolco Pictures. However, it is a real shame that someone that appeared in movies like FletchThe FlyBeetlejuiceThelma & Louise, and A League of Their Own has yet to have a true comeback. That said, she has not rested on her laurels as she became a highly successful archer in real-life and gave birth to 3 kids, 2 of which were fraternal twins she had at 48.

 Whoopi Goldberg – 18

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Widely considered a standup comedy legend, many people know Whoopi Goldberg best as an actor or TV host but those chapters of her career only came later in life. That said, when you star in movies like the Sister Act series, The Color PurpleGhostThe Lion KingGhosts of Mississippi, and How Stella Got Her Groove Back that is bound to stand out. More than that, she has served as one of the main personalities in daytime television’s The View since 2007. Married 3 times throughout her life, it was her first marriage that resulted in her only child, the actor Alexandrea Martin, who was born when Whoopi was 18.

Oldest: Laura Linney – 49

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The kind of performer that other actors speak of with reverence, Laura Linney has never been known for blockbuster films but her always stellar work has allowed her to become a fairly big star anyway. Best known for critically acclaimed movies, she was nominated for Academy Awards due to her performances in You Can Count On MeKinsey, and The Savages. On top of receiving attention for those films, she stood out in other movies including Primal FearThe Truman ShowMystic RiverLove ActuallySully, and several others. Married to a real estate agent named Marc Schauer since 2009, they welcomed a son in 2014 when Laura was 49 years old.

Youngest: Roseanne Barr – 17

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Someone that seemed to emerge out of nowhere to take the comedy world by storm, Roseanne Barr’s ability to joke about everyday life allowed the masses to relate to her stand-up performances. The talk of the town for a time, she was then given the opportunity to star in a sitcom which beat the odds to become a gigantic hit. Running for a 9 season run during its first run, amazing enough her show Roseanne was brought back 20 years after it initially came to an end. A testament to the staying power of her unique vision of the world, her perspective was partially inspired by giving birth to her 4 children, the first of which came when Roseanne was only 17.

Oldest: Beverly D’Angelo – 49

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The star of one of the best-received comedy movie franchises of all-time, Beverly D’Angelo played the wife of Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold in the much-beloved Vacation movies. Made up of 4 main films, VacationEuropean VacationChristmas Vacation, and Vegas Vacation, she also played the same character in 2015’s soft reboot that also was named Vacation. Beverly also won a Golden Globe for her work in the 1980 film Coal Miner’s Daughter, an Emmy for a TV movie version of A Streetcar Named Desire and appeared in movies like Hair and American History X. Formerly involved with the highly acclaimed actor Al Pacino, they had twins together in 2001 when Beverly was 49.

Youngest: Loretta Lynn – 16

The second Country Music superstar to land on this list, Loretta Lynn has to be considered one of the hardest working singers of all-time. For instance, at 86 years old she released new music like her 2018 album “Wouldn’t It Be Great”. Only her latest major release, she has put out an amazing 42 different studio albums since her first one in 1963. An absolute legend, she also has been inducted into several Hall of Fames going all the way back to 1983. Married to Oliver Lynn for almost 50 years, their marriage was far from idyllic according to her autobiography but it resulted in 6 children, the first of which came in 1948 when Lynn was only 16.

Oldest: Janet Jackson – 50

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A member of a family that rose to international fame due to their musical talents, Janet Jackson managed to eclipse the careers of all of her siblings aside from one. Arguably even able to compete with her big brother Michael, Janet released many hit songs like “Miss You Much”, “Black Cat”, “If”, “All For You”, among others. Also able to make several forays into the acting world, she appeared in movies like Poetic Justice and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, as well as popular shows like Good TimesFame, and Diff’rent Strokes. Married 3 times throughout her life, her latest marriage ended in 2017 but resulted in her only child which was born earlier that same year when Janet was 50.

Youngest: Jamie Lynn Spears – 16

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Just like the focus of a previous entry on this list, Solange Knowles, Jamie Lynn Spears has never been able to exceed the career of her superstar older sister, in this case, Britney

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